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HEE Singapore is a leading distributor and lease provider of Aircraft Components and Ground Service Equipment and is part of HEE Group which has been in the business for over 30 years and with our extensive worldwide sales and service network, HEE Singapore provides its customers a complete range of ground support equipment, designed and assembled to fit each customer’s needs.

Our counterparties have included some of the most reputable names in the region and have relied on us for many years as a trusted provided of aviation solutions that have evolved with time.  In working very close with our suppliers, we have a team that is deeply entrenched in the best in class expertise and qualified by some of the world’s top brands in the industry.

  • Complete aviation service equipment, tooling, parts and services provider

  • Extensive sales and service network covering ASEAN

  • Technically competent team of experienced engineers

  • Etire organization is committed to quality

  • Dedicated and uncompromising on reliability

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